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Kinda Valuing Time Over Money

So, late last year, I found myself in the meeting room of a potential employer interviewing for a bit of a career change.

The Four Day Week is becoming popular

To be honest, I was surprised to be there. The combination of unrelated events that lead to that moment was remarkable. I had just returned from my Chiang Mai adventure and was feeling both inspired and jaded about the advertising industry. I'd also spent a bit of time out of my comfort zone and was very open to a different opportunity. Additionally, two creative projects I had been working on suddenly became more demanding of my time.

Long story short, I had to really assess what I wanted. I had to figure out what 'happy' was.

So, instead of the usual haggle over pay, I negotiated a restructure of my role to a permanent part time position. 4-day weeks would be put the value on my TIME, not my SALARY. The additional time I gain can go towards my other two projects which, ideally, will remunerate themselves.

Or I can spend more time here, sharing this kinda mindful journey with you.

More and more employers are becoming open to these sorts or arrangements and there's loads of precedents to quote about productivity and allowing your staff to 'bring their best selves to work'.

That's what 'happy' looks like to me. How about you? If you had the option, would you be prepared to value your time over money?

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