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  • Dean Bainbridge

Kinda turn It Off And On Again

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Ah, the lament of many an IT technician.

I don’t know what particular reaction this evokes in any electronic device, but I do know that it works 99.9% off the time.

It’s not just your iPhone or your desktop that it works for. It’s also very beneficial for that other computer in your life... your brain.

Shutting down for a few moments regularly has the same affect on your mind. The power cycles out and the reboot stimulates the processes once again to behave normally and function more effectively.

Any IT gal or guy will tell you that a reboot is not the same as just letting it drop into sleep mode. Same with your brain. Sleeping and dreaming is beneficial. It saves power but key processes are still ticking away. If you’ve picked up a glitch, it’s still there potentially affecting another process, or making one compensate for its naughty malfunctions. How do your turn your brain off and on again? I believe you have to consciously shut down.

Choosing to take a moment to sit in silence, or meditate, or fully appreciate a piece of music. That’s the key. Be conscious that you are doing it. It’s like the effort of holding down the power and home buttons at the same time... you can’t do it by accident. You need to do it deliberately.

So slide to power off some time today. Clear your cache and close all tour tabs. Your central processor will thank you for it!

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