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  • Dean Bainbridge

Kinda Hard To Surrender Your Ego

Problem. If you’re inclined to pursue mindfulness and enlightenment, there’s a good chance you’re open minded. You probably are a fairly compassionate person. Perhaps you’re a curious soul.

These are all good reasons. No problem there.

But what happens when you start to feel the benefits of this change in mindset? You feel good about yourself. And if you’re the individual described above, you might be tempted to share this feeling and endorse it toward others.

And that’s it right there.

​The problem with surrendering your ego is that you might accidentally feel like you are just a bit better than everyone else. This is a fallacy though. Enlightenment – as I kinda understand it – doesn’t make you better or more evolved than anyone else. It means you have a great appreciation for the universe and your place in it. Not that your place is any greater or more significant than anyone else.

It should make you humble. Not glib. Make you compassionate, not proud.

But is the Dalai Lama being egotistical when he rocks up to a temple filled with adoring fans? That man can sell out faster than a Coldplay gig. That’s got to feel good.

Maybe surrendering your ego entirely is a bit of a stretch.

Old Mate Buddha said ‘Wear your ego like a loose fitting garment’. It’s a part of you, but something you can hang up occasionally.

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