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Kinda Dark Side Of The Force

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

If you believe in The Force and its most recent explanation in 'The Last Jedi', you may have experienced what I experienced today.

Reaching out with your feelings

Old Master and grumpy pensioner Luke Skywalker tells the young and powerful student Rey that her assumptions are wrong.

The force is not a power that the Jedi have rather it's the energy between all things that everyone can perceive if we just stop, breathe and reach out to it.

Today, I totally felt The Force. Specifically, the Dark Side of The Force.

And not just me. Others that were present also felt 'something'.

I won't get caught in the details, but a meeting was had, it passed its point of fruitfulness, and we hastily moved on to other commitments. Other meetings. General work stuff. But not long after, in pairs and then in some sort of shared trauma, we regrouped to compare our experiences. This individual had pervaded our consciouses to the point where we had to purge. Further investigation confirmed what we all had known.

This person's character was not faultless. (wow I'm giving them a polite rendering) and their past had involved some pretty diabolical actions. (I am so candy coating them right now. why?) To the point where I don't believe associating with them would be good for me, my colleagues or my work. At all.

We were rattled and moved by this weird form of toxicity and it lasted into the day.

But this person is not the point. The point is about The Force. Energy.

The energy we receive. The energy we radiate to others.

It's like when someone is attracted to you (not exclusively in a romantic sense) they become more attractive to you. Someone who is actively listening to your story gives you the motivation to reveal more. Conversely, when you pay attention to someone and ask engaging questions, they will want to be in your attentions span for longer. Even when you address someone by their name often, they respond better. More so when it someone you interact with often. Try it with work mates and friends. Try it with the customer service operator at Telstra. When they give you their name at the star of the call, write it down and drop it in occasionally.

Like The Force, there is a light side and a dark side though.

Don't think that your darkness goes undetected. Don't be an arse to others deliberately because you think it might somehow impress or intimidate them. I'd like to think that the darkness I felt today is perhaps a symptom of something else. Insecurity. A pressure to succeed. Most narcissists crave attention but seem incapable of receiving authentic acceptance, don't they?

Energy. That's what we are. It's all we are. Don't waste yours. Don't extinguish others.

'The Force is not a power you have. It’s not about lifting rocks. It’s the energy between all things, a tension, a balance, that binds the universe together.' -Luke Skywalker (not the last Jedi)

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